Functional Medicine

Dr. Poss treats patients seeking functional medicine by bringing a holistic yet modern approach to diagnosing and helping treat conditions commonly addressed by multiple specialties. The underlying causes and not just the diagnosis should be the focus of treatment for long-term resolution of symptoms. If the root causes are not addressed, then a pathology will continue to cause problems for the person, even if the symptoms subside temporarily. Diagnostic testing of the GI tract, immune system, hormones, toxins, nutritional markers, and inflammation are important when developing a customized treatment plan. This approach helps to target treatments that will be effective for a given individual, treating the whole person, with the goal of optimum wellness without unwanted side effects.

We offer a Functional Medicine Package that includes a consultation with Dr. Michael Poss, a 6 day detox program, 5 infrared sauna sessions, a lab draw, a follow up appointment with Dr. Poss, and 3 sessions with our Holistic Health Coach. We utilize Dunwoody Labs for testing including Hormonal Testing, Allergy Testing, Wellness Panels, Gut Health, etc. We also recommend dietary supplements from Xymogen if they are advised (per individual test results).

For patients seeking extended health coaching, we have a Holistic Health Coach offering one hour sessions available to all patients, not just the patients utilizing the functional medicine program.